"Design is not all about what it looks and feels like, but about how it works and how it conveys message."


"Developing is not all about writing beautiful looking program codes, but about delivering values and trust."


"Launching is all about exposing your beautiful creation to the world for people to make use of it."

Ecommerce Solution and Application Development Company Bangalore

What is Application Software?

Application Software’s are programs written to perform task which in turn depends on system software to run and execute. These are sometime referred to as ‘productive computer programs’ that are specially designed for end-user to simply day-to-day task – be it – graphic designing, spreadsheet, word-pad, email client, drawing, gaming software and many more. Example of application software may include VLC Media Player, Microsoft Office, and Calculator. Basically, applications are designed to perform different activities that simplify our day-to-day task.

How Application Software is deployed? | What do you need to know about Application Software Development?

As discussed in Enterprise Application Development, Application Software Development requires a certain procedures to be followed when developing application software, as listed below:


Requirement Analysis – The main objective of this step is to analyze problem and purpose all possible solutions to describe cost, time and benefits of application, and come up with a plan and recommendations to best meet organization’s need. It involves figuring the nature and scope of the problem after digging into organization’s objectives. Followed by, identifying the pro’s and con’s of the current system in place thereby studying end-user needs, and finally come up with all purposed solution.

Design and Layout – This step caters layout and design describing desired feature, details and functionality layout with process diagram, software flow, pseudo-code, interface design and layout, database design and other documentation.

Implementation and Integration – This is where the magic happen because this involves writing codes using desired programming language to deploy application software along with code documentation, and finally integrate all modules into one by bring in all pieces together.

Testing – Testing involves investigating application to identify if the application is appreciated to business requirement and figure if the application can be used in a real time business environment. There are numerous phases or levels in testing, viz. – unit testing, integration testing, component interface testing, system testing and operational acceptance testing. On top of that, all testing involves types of testing – as in – installation testing, acceptance testing, alpha testing, beta testing, usability testing, security testing and so much and so forth. Following this, Enterprise Application is ready to be installed and used in an Organization.

Maintenance – This step comes after acceptance and evaluation of application software that requires application to be continuously evaluated to ensure that the software is up-to-date. This ensures the performance of the enterprise software that is used in a real time environment.

What do we offer in Application Development?

We have a team of expert and experienced programmers skilled in numerous application programming – be it – desktop applications, mobile application and enterprise applications and and we built a successful ecommerce website platforms like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop with affordable cost in Bangalore.

We have served multiple clients globally for various application development. Therefore, we pride to say that we’ve received utmost positive response from our valuable clients.

Benefits of ecommerce websites

  • Complete prepared to utilize web store package
  • Web-based establishment wizard and store configuration
  • Complete customizable layout as well as design
  • 100% template driven store front and administrator board
  • One page Checkout
  • Numbers of products and categories
  • Product list and cross selling
  • Integration of payment gateway