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What is SMS Gateway?

SMS which standing for Short Message Service is a mode of transmission that allows a computer to send and receive SMS routed into a mobile phone network by utilizing Application Programming Interface (API) available for different programming language support.

What are we offering in a SMS Gateway?

We offer two types of SMS Gateway service, discussed below:

Transactional SMS: These type of SMS’s follows transactional route to deliver message over mobile network, meaning, these are pre-template message that are delivered to user based on the transaction to provide information necessary for using one’s service or product.

Example – You receive a mobile authentication code when you register to certain website or if you purchase a product from and e-commerce stores then you receive a confirmation message confirming that the order you’ve placed is successfully obtained, are some examples of Transactional SMS’s.

Promotional SMS: The Promotional SMS’s are a means of sending SMS to mobile network with an objective to promote one’s product or service.

Example – If you can remember SMS’s that you receive saying that XYZ Company is offering X% off in Y products or someone reaching you with a SMS asking you to create account into certain company’s portal, are some examples of Promotional SMS’s.

Note: Transaction SMS’s are available to be delivered to any mobile network irrespective of time. However, in case of promotional SMS’s the DND or Do Not Disturb is a concern that limits promotional SMS to be sent over mobile network only in specific timeframe 9AM to 9PM.

Our Service We are offering a SMS Gateway that is un-doubtful with upmost up-time. Our services offers you dashboard that has a tracking mechanism listing all transactional and promotional message with an API call support for various programming language documentation. The service we’re offering offers you variety of option – as in – delivery notification system, account management, transactional template management, help and support and many more. Therefore, we pride to say that we have been offering elegant service to our client to best meet their business need.